About us

We manufacture blanks and finished optical products such as:

Our products are manufactured to strict customer specifications to produce high precision products.
Our company provides high quality service to the optics industry.

Infrared materials

  • ZnSe
  • ZnS MS
  • Silicon
  • Germanium

Other materials

  • Fused silica Corning (7980, 7972, and others)
  • CaF2
  • Schott materials
  • Ohara materials (mostly SK1300, N-BK7)


  • Spherical Lenses up to 250mmDIA (CX, CC, Plano)
  • Windows of all sizes and shapes (sizes depend on material and thickness) flatness down to 1/8 wave (large windows typically 1-2 wave)
  • Prisms (simple or complex such as glued multi part prisms)
  • Rods down to 1.8mm diameter
  • Micro-lenses down to 1.5mm diameter

(as blanks or finish parts)

We can make you raw blanks, blanks to spec (180 grid or better) or polished parts ready to be coated (scratch and dig between 20/10 to 60/40).


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